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Fresh Cut Flowers

Our flowers are grown organically, with natural pest and weed control and water-wise irrigation. All crops are seasonal, and each bloom is a one-time experience. 

How We Grow

On Aldergrove Farm we limit use of herbicides and pesticides and only use them as a last resort. Our responsibility to the earth and to the future of our family requires that we do everything we can to produce our crops in a safe, non-destructive way. 

We rely on beneficial insects and nematodes to limit pest pressure in the field. To attract these helpful critters, we maintain wildlife berms and plantings as their winter habitat and safe haven. When all else fails, the chemical we turn to is a low-impact insecticidal soap. 

Mulch, landscape fabric and ground cover plantings help keep weeds down, along with our helpful flock of sheep. 

Market Bouquets

We're at X farmer's market every week. Stop by to see us there and pick up a bouquet. We have 'Big Bouquets', 'Market Bouquets' and 'Bitty Bouquets'. 

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Flower CSA

Get a fresh bouquet every week! With our flower CSA you can have eight straight weeks of extra-large bouquets reserved for you. Pickup is at our farmer's market booth. 

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Wholesale Blooms

Florists, event planners and DIYers are welcome to purchase wholesale from us. Just send us an email and we'll get back to you within one weekday with our availability and straight bunch pricing. 

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