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Aldergrove Flower Farm

Roxboro, NC

Flower sales officially begin next year, spring 2023. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

To learn more about John's all-wood custom caskets please visit

Roots in the Dirt

Decades ago, John and Frances Jull travelled from England to New Zealand to run an orchard and raise livestock. In England, the Jull brothers had been nurserymen. In New Zealand the business failed in the onset of the Great Depression. After her husband's death, Frances moved with their sons to stay with family in the United States. For their descendants, the family's history as horticulturists remained a source of pride and regret. 

More than a century later, we look back on the orchard as an ideal and a caution. We always dreamed of stepping away from suburban life and returning to our roots, but always  with the understanding that life is uncertain. As four generations came and went, we refined our dream until it finally resolved into what we have now - a family business, where we strive to support each other and constantly look ahead to the future of our family.

In 2022 we bought ten acres in Roxboro, North Carolina. Sunshine cuts flowers from the field and greenhouse. Carolyn collects eggs from her flock of free range hens. John builds everything from caskets to garden beds in the woodshop. It's taken four generations, but we've finally returned to our roots.  

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