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Wreaths & Other Structured Floral Work

Our structured floral work is made up entirely of organic materials. Instead of florist's wire we use jute or hemp string. Instead of metal or plastic frames we use custom made wood frames. 

Originally this was because Bluestem Conservation Cemetery doesn't allow materials that won't decompose to be used in funerals at their site, but it got us trying new things. And we thought, why not always do it this way? Frankly, florists wire is painful to work with. Twine is much easier on the hands, and much less likely to slice up the stems you're working with. 

Plus, the results are beautiful.


How to purchase

To order this kind of work from us, you'll need to have some information ready.


What shape do you want? This is the most challenging part of any structural project.


What colors would you like? We may have to discuss this with you, since sometimes certain colors aren't easy to come by.


When do you need your order by? If the answer is 'tomorrow morning' then we may need to have a word. Typically, we can do just about anything given two days' notice.


Before talking to us I recommend reviewing the spreadsheet below to get an idea of what prices we might ask, and what shapes/sizes we're most equipped to produce. 

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